We’re hiring: Postdoctoral and PhD student positions in the ArtMotor project.

ArtMotor’s aim is to design, synthesize and characterise autonomous, artificial molecular motors based on proteins. The proteins will be developed and prepared by the collaboration partners Birte Höcker (University of Bayreuth, Germany) and Paul Curmi (UNSW, Sydney, Australia). The group of Heiner Linke (Lund University, Sweden) supports the design process, and performs single-molecule experiments to characterize the motors.

We offer

Excellent career development opportunities in a positive, vibrant, and international team. All positions offer good employment conditions, access to state-of-the-art infrastructure/methods and excellent international collaboration opportunities funded by a prestigious ERC grant.

Open positions under recruitment

Characterization of artificial protein motors

(2 positions, one PhD and one postdoctoral) in Heiner Linke’s group; workplace: Lund University, Sweden


Using fluorescence-based single-molecule methods in combination with microfluidics and nanostructures, you will use innovative methods to characterize protein motor constructs at a single-molecule level. You will join a team of in total six researchers to work on this project at the Lund site, where PhD students and postdoctoral researchers work closely together. You will have access to state-of-the-art facilities for microscopy and nanofabrication in the large, interdisciplinary nanoscience environment NanoLund with international visibility.

Vacancies closed - evaluation and interviews ongoing

Contact: heiner.linke@ftf.lth.se